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You're Never Alone

Someone is always listening to your chatter.

Somehow, they know what you are thinking, what you are wishing, what you are feeling.

Deja vu. Synchronicity. Jinx.

Call it what you will but, have you ever had experiences that makes you think, I was just thinking of you and now... here you are. I really wanted this to manifest... and here it is. I was truly wishing this would never happen... and it has happened. How come these experiences are had by so many? There's an old saying, "you're never alone"

If the statements above are familiar to you... read on. I am presenting these writings to you with the conscious mind of sharing information on what I will term as Divine Intervention.

I write from my own experiences... sharing with you to either hear of your similar experiences or to get you thinking whether what I'm going to state, is fact or fiction and you would be curious enough to research further or be pleased to know that you are not alone. There is almost always conflicts faced before one remembers that the complexity endured is not compulsory but was necessary for learning and releasing self into the Spirits first. Human forms after... invisible, invincible, incarnation... that's who we are. If you can accept, before you took the form of humans; the gender, the cultural race, the country of origin, the time period - you made plans to be on Earth for the purpose of experiencing life as one who is aware that you have freedom of choice. The journey was mapped out and help was given uniquely and with prestige.

As you came willingly from the Spirit world, the support was genuinely given... to allow you the experiences that you stated in your diary... to manifest, and genuinely gain momentum in all things that you do. A guide/s and Angels took your request, to be with your on your Earthly journey... to assist you whenever you call for assistance.

So here we are, finding ourselves in troubles, facing difficulties, experiencing traumas... why is this so, when guides are supposed to be assisting... to keep you on the straight path, to be the help mate?

Adventures... seeking experiences that enables us to learn new skills and purposefully giving you that which you willed into your lifestyle.

Crossing paths with others may lead to you digressing and forgetting your charge...that which is your assignment. Such distractions may lead you to forget the essence of your mission hence the confusion and conflicts you find yourself in. How does one get back on path with fulfilling the purpose with ease. It has been said, when you have had enough of the discord, disease, distress and emotional instabilities, you would find reasons to get back into alignment with the assignment that was laid out by you in the first instance.


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