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Living in a world where we are told, one is born as a Sovereign Being... free to make choices respectfully, but more often than not, decisions are made for us.

We are told there are mandatory duties that we must confirm or subscribe to, with punishments or rewards, depending on our decisions... but in reality, we are all exposed to discord and discomfort, which we have to deal with continuously... in order to find comfort, stability, peace and tranquility in our community. It is fitting to say, we live in a world where varieties are visible and in some cases welcoming...

To clarify:

The elements are under one title but are individually designed. The plants, insects, birds, animals and humans... all have places in their categories but with a multitude of variants. How dull it would be if everything was seen as the same. If every flower had the same scent. Imagine if all foods tasted the same and as humans, how would it be if we had the same features be it male, female, and culturally, the same experiences. I am grateful that Creation has taken care and made creativity in vast array of varieties. Must we be placed in groups? Must we be categorised? Should there be differences? Well there is... and it's all good and worthy to be valued as they are. The main factor here is that of respect and humility. Intelligence and wisdom... again, two different ways of interpretation of knowledge, but their existence is noted by scholars and the so-called non educated. Can we arrive at a place of acceptance for the benefits of loving self, loving each other, loving our differences, loving our choices and forging forward with the understanding that despite the use of words, it has been quantified... we are energy, frequency, simply the power of love seeking itself. After all, we are free to choose sovereignty.


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