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About Us


With several years of experience serving vegan/ plant based cuisine to our community – a range of foods with the infusion of flavours from Caribbean, Mediterranean, Asian and European food culture. Everyone can enjoy good home style cooking made passionately with love.


Our environment is comfortable and welcoming to all. We create a hub style atmosphere for individuals and groups to feel comfortable in conversation – always encouraging holistic vibration for the wellness of mind, body, spirit and soul.

​We take pride in sourcing the best organic and non certified organic vegetables, grains, seeds, nuts, fruit, herbs and spices. Using local produce and other sources to fulfill the flavours and versatility in our food preparation.

Workshops & Events

Food preparation classes.

A series of classes/ workshops in plant based food preparation includes the making of snacks, breakfast, main meals, Juices, smoothies, desserts, dressings and herbal tinctures for health and wellness of the family (dates and times will be announced).

Health practices and wellness coaches are available.

Invitation and scheduled workshop events are organised and carried out at various venues to for fill natural ways of assuring that we contribute to our community wellness.

My Interview

With Simone Powell


In this interview Maya tells me about her purpose background and the works she has carried out in the past and currently. Maya also explains the benefits of living an Ital lifestyle the importance of the Ital livity, connecting with Mother Nature and living in divine abundance.

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