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My Inner Sanctuary 


A premises equipped with dedicated, professional and experienced natural health practitioners who are ready to assist you with your healing - be it emotional, physical, spiritual, social or mental.


We endeavour to work with you for the benefits of wellness in mind, body, spirit and soul.

Everyone is welcome... Community wellness is paramount to us.

The Sanctuary

A space made ready for you to enter with trust, accepting that higher vibrational energies will

embrace you with peace and tranquility. A space spiritually equipped with healing tools that are charged and ready to assist you with
cleansing, clearing, accepting, releasing and rejuvenating your inner sanctuary.

Our Services

Mentoring, Mediation, Counselling, Yoga, Meditation, Massage Therapy, Chi Gong, Spiritual Readings, Sound Healing, Spiritual Art, Live Blood Analysis and Body Scans are just some of the services we have available. Get in contact with us and find out more and book a session with My Inner Sanctuary.


Invitation and scheduled events are organised and carried out on our premises. Be sure to check out our events page, subscribe to our newsletter and follow our social media pages to stay up to date with everything My Inner Sanctuary. We also offer our space for hire, see below for more details.

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Natural products, health and wellness products, art, jewellery, crystals, stones, aura cleansers, accessories and more!

Shop in store or check out our online shop and get your orders delivered to your home.

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My Inner Sanctuary 

Are you looking for space to hold a meeting, hold your event, class or service, maybe an intimate dinner or birthday?

My Inner Sanctuary offer rooms and space for hire, see below for information, structure and pricing of our rooms and space.

Email or DM us on Instagram @myinnersanctuary.lgv for all enquiries


Alternatively you can use our contact form to make an enquiry.

Amethyst Room

Reception Room

A small space seating 2-4 people. Suitable for Consultations, 1 on 1 Meetings and Spiritual Readings. 

Furnished with a desk, table and chairs.


£10 per hour

Rose Quartz Room

Large Room

A large open space for 6-12 people. Suitable for Group Meetings, Yoga, Meditation, Photo Shoots and intimate Birthdays and Events.

Furnished with cushions and pillows, tables and chairs are available.


£25 per hour / £120 for 5 hours / £190 for 8 hours

Selenite Room

Small Space

A small space for 1 person. Curtains can be drawn for privacy, chill out and enjoy some private relaxation. Lay back, read, listen to music, sleep or simply just be, chill and replenish ones self. 


£10 per hour 

Labradorite Room

Large Room

A large private room for 6-10 people. Suitable for Group Meetings, Counselling, Mediation, Massage Therapy, Meditation, Teaching Sessions and Movie Screenings. Furnished with table and chairs.


£20 per hour

Clear Quartz Room

Large Room

A large open space for 6-10 people. Suitable for Group Meetings, Photo Shoots, Recordings, Massage Therapy, Meditation, Yoga and Exercise Sessions. Table and chairs available.


£20 per hour / £90 for 5 hours

General Information

Email or DM us on Instagram @myinnersanctuary.lgv to submit any enquiries.


In My Inner Sanctuary you have access to Wi-Fi, we have a unisex toilet and a shower room.

There will always be a member of staff at hand to give support when required. Vegan food, beverages and desserts are available via the LoveGift Vegan menu. There is a local park situated a few minutes walk from the premises.

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