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LoveGift Vegan

Our environment is comfortable and welcoming to all. We create a hub style atmosphere for individuals and groups to feel comfortable in conversation, always encouraging holistic vibration for the wellness of mind, body, spirit and soul.

Plant Based Menu

We take pride in sourcing the best organic and non certified organic vegetables, grains, seeds, nuts, fruits, herbs and spices. Using local produce and other sources to fulfill the flavours and versatility in our food preparation.

Events & Workshops

Invitation and scheduled events are organised and carried out on our premises. Be sure to check out our events page, subscribe to our newsletter and follow our social media pages to stay up to date with everything LoveGift.

My Inner Sanctuary

A premises equipped with dedicated, professional and experienced natural health practitioners who are ready to assist you with your healing - be it emotional, physical, spiritual, social or mental.

Maya Matanah.jpg
Mother Earth

Maintaining the sacredness of the vision given onto my person...

The fulfilling of the Gift of sharing Love is paramount... Especially in these times.

Working and serving within the fields of plant based food... That is a mission and purpose. 

Healing foods for our mind, body, spirit and soul must be presented holistically so we as a community can find our way through the matrix.


Eating and ingesting positive vibrational energy is key to our survival and sustainability.

This can be found when one directs the essence of truth through one's inner parts.



Trust your inner feelings... Be well


Follow us on social media @lovegiftvegan and subscribe to our newsletter to stay up to date with everything in our world.


  LoveGift Vegan offer catering services for all occasions and events, we also accept bulk orders and can provide meal preps/plans to meet your dietary requirements.

Email or use our contact form to submit any enquiries.

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