About Us

Welcome to LoveGift Vegan - where the first ingredient is LOVE!


LoveGift Vegan is a restaurant and creative space located in the heart of the community!


Whether you join us for food, workshops or other events, you will find that we take great care in serving you nutrition for the mind, body, spirit and soul!


Our first love is food for the body. Whilst preparing our 100% vegan cuisine, to assure that you receive nutritional goodness from every plate of food, dessert or drink …the main ingredient is Love! This is followed by chosen quality ingredients for taste and blissful satisfaction, vegetable selections in rainbow colours and of course the desire to enhance your health and wellness with every bite.


Our approach when preparing foods be it cooked or raw/live is to engage cultural infusions in the unique taste of herbs and spices learnt in the Caribbean from a history with multicultural input.

Combining vegetables, seeds, nuts, grains, fruits, herbs and spices from African, Asian, Caribbean, European and Mediterranean culinary cooking skills, a creative and individual taste is formed as LoveGift Vegan Cuisine. So… enjoy your nutritional intake! Browse our menu here!


We also host an ever-evolving programme of interactive workshops and events, carefully curated to provide you with knowledge and experience to benefit your wellbeing. Whether its cookery, movement & dance, spoken word or education in healing, we are here to inspire you to live your best possible life! Check out our upcoming workshop sessions here!


Our space is available for you to hire to share your gift! Here at LoveGift we are passionate about wellness for all and are looking to provide a collaborative outlet for wellness of mind, body, spirit and soul. If this calling resonates with you, please get in touch with the holistic skills that you can share! 


ALSO AVAILABLE: Catering for events, social gatherings, corporate days etc.


We invite you to join us and gift yourself a LoveGift Vegan Rainbow Experience.